Welcome, friends!


Since 2012 I have been the face behind the lens, photographing hundreds of couples in love.
When it comes to photography style I'm a mix of fun-yet-romantic, clean, and classic images that will endure for years to come. My goals for your wedding day include tons of love, lots of laughter, and an abundance of awesome photos to show for it all.


I photograph all kinds of weddings - from elopements to intimate backyard weddings to lavish parties that go all night - and every one of them means something special to me. I love to see your faces when you see each other for the first time, I love to listen to the promises you make to one another, I love to see you surrounded in love by your family and friends.


In my down time, I spend my days with my wife, Leila (the face behind The House of Breton , a local custom wedding design studio), and our little family of kids and pets (two medium-sized humans, two spoiled rotten cats, and one fluff-nugget of a dog). You can usually find me hiking, reading, trying to keep our gardens in order, or researching my next adventure.


If it sounds like we might be a good fit, I'd love for you to click the "Book Your Wedding Date" button below, schedule a consultation, and see if we mesh well in-person!